The Battle of Castle Anorak starts in the book on chapter 34 (Page 327) and ends on chapter 35 (Page 335), it is a battle against what claimed to be half of the OASIS population against the Sixers. It was started when Parzival lets himself be captured into being an indentured servant at IOI, then he hacked into their intranet using a system of exploits and back doors to get information on what the Sixers know about the Crystal gate, then he escapes the IOI and sends a message to everyone in the OASIS to help them battle the Sixers which goes extremely well, however, the reason they haven't attacked the Sixers yet was because they put up an indestructible shield that can be kept up indefinitely if the wizard holding it stays perfectly still and puts both of his hands on the orb, after they all have organized for battle it is revealed that while Parzival was in the IOI system he ordered a supply droid to go up to where a wizard holding the Orb of Osuvox was while holding an antimatter friction-induction bomb, then the droid detonated the bomb incinerating the wizard thereby destroying the shield protecting the Sixers from being attacked by the Gunter army. Shortly before the shield went down a few of the Sixers including Nolan Sorrento put down a some toy robots which became massive robots, which Sorrento's was the largest, being Kiryu, also known as Mechagodzilla. Once the shield went down the Gunter army quickly took down all the other Sixer robots except Sorrento's. All of the high five fired at Sorrento's robot, however only Art3mis' robot did any real damage to it . After they attacked, it was realized that Mechagodzilla shot out a lightning beam out of it's mouth that incinerated anything in it's path. When it first launched it, Parzival, Art3mis, Aech, and Shoto all dodge it by jumping out of it's path. Then Parzival noticed that it had some sort of cool down for it. They all realized they would have to go by his bot instead of attack it since it seemed to be invulnerable. Parzival offered to distract Sorrento's bot in order to allow the others to get to the gate, Shoto, out of vengeance, went to distract instead saying “This bastard is all mine!”. While the others run towards the gate, Parzival sees that Sorrento manages to destroy the robot and his avatar. In anger of many things, including but not limited to; Sorrento trying to murder him in real life, killing Daito in real life, and now just killing Shoto's avatar, he pulls out the Beta module; a super powerful artifact that grants the user once a day to become Ultraman, a super powerful and near invulnerable alien, and activates it. Becoming Ultraman, after a brief showdown, Parzival manages to kill Sorrento’s avatar very easily. However, he knew that he was going to just take control of another avatar. Parzival then runs into the castle while the other Gunters fight the remaining Sixers, and opens the Crystal gate with Art3mis and Shoto. Which then the Sixers detonate the Cataclyst, killing everyone in the sector, except Parzival since he had found an artifact granting his avatar a second life since he played a perfect game of Pac-man. Which then after a short time he enters the gate.