The Cataclyst was an artifact in OASIS. It was sold in an online auction, and purchased by an anonymous bidder. In the battle with the Sixers over the Third Gate, after seeing no other choice, the Sixers detonated the Cataclyst, causing large destruction, as well as killing every player in Sector 10. Parzival was the only survivor due to the Extra Life Quarter he received from playing a perfect game of Pac-Man in a Happytime Pizza simulator on Archaide.

Effect: When detonated, the Cataclyst kills all avatars and destroys all items within the sector where it was detonated, with the exception of any indestructible structures (e.g. Crystal Gate) and items (e.g. artifacts). However, the movie version of the Cataclyst lacks the ability to destroy everything in a sector having it's range limited to only one planet.