Toshiro Yoshiaki (Japanese: 義昭敏郎 [Yoshiaki Toshiro]) is a Japanese gunter who attempts to win Halliday's Easter Egg Hunt.


Although reserved and cold initially, Toshiro befriends Parzival. He was a brother figure to Shoto, although the two of them had never met in person, they embarked upon the Hunt together and completed various elements of the Hunt in unison until Daito's demise, both in the OASIS and in real life, at the hands of IOI.

Relationship with Shoto Edit

Daito and Shoto met in an OASIS support group for hikikomori (OASIS addicts who have shut themselves off from the world). They became friends and spent a lot of time together in the OASIS. When they created their gunter identities they decided that they would be brothers within the OASIS. After they became famous Shoto once asked if they wanted to meet in the real world. This made Daito very angry, as he thought that they should only have lives within the OASIS. They did not speak for a few days after that. It was not until after Daito died did Shoto learn his real name.


Toshiro's OASIS name, Daito, is complemented by Shoto's name to form Daisho, the Japanese term for long and short swords worn by traditional samurai.

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