Godzilla or Gojira is an enormous dinosaur mutated by radiation. He is often referred to as "the King of the Monsters", and is a pop-culture icon to this day. The original Godzilla was a prehistoric monster 50 meters tall and weighing 20,000 metric tons, which terrorized the ships of Japan. It was disturbed by an American Hydrogen bomb testing in the Pacific Ocean. After attacking Tokyo, destroying much of the city and killing tens of thousands, Godzilla was defeated when the scientist Dr. Daisuke Serizawa committed suicide out of shame and guilt after activating an experimental weapon, the Oxygen Destroyer, which completely dissolved Godzilla It was stated at the end of the film that it was doubtful that there was only one creature, alluding not only to the many incarnations of Godzilla that would later appear but also to all the other kaiju monsters that would be featured in future movies such as Mothra, Megalon, and Mechagodzilla. So far there have been 29 films, most featuring an altered incarnation of Godzilla fighting other kaiju.

Godzilla's appearance may have changed over the years, but many of his characteristics have remained constant. His roar has remained the same, only changing in pitch. Godzilla's approximate appearance, regardless of the design of the suit utilized for the creature, remains the same general shape, which is instantly recognizable: a giant, mutant dinosaur with rough, bumpy charcoal-gray scales, a long powerful tail, and jagged, bone-colored dorsal fins. Godzilla's iconic character design is a blended chimera inspired by various dinosaurs, gleaned from children's dinosaur books and illustrations from an issue of Life magazine: Godzilla has the head and lower body of a Tyrannosaurus, a triple row of dorsal plates reminiscent of a Stegosaurus, the neck and forearms of Iguanodon, a tail and skin texture of a crocodile, although in his first appearance, his skin was based on the victims of the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Godzilla's dorsal plates have themselves altered in size and appearance over the years.


Godzilla can be seen attacking Megalon in the distance on the Oasis racetrack.