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Gregarious Simulation Systems, otherwise known as GSS, is the company that produces and operates the OASIS. GSS started out as a company called Gregarious Games in the 1980s, created by James Donovan Halliday and Ogden Morrow. The company was a huge success from its inception to the age of Wade Owen Watts.


James Halliday, a high-school student at the time, had designed his first video game, Anorak's Quest, for his video gaming group, including Ogden Morrow. Ogden told Halliday he should sell it, and soon, many of the people demanded the game because it was so popular. Morrow and Halliday then started the small video game company, Gregarious Games, in 1989, which produced Anorak's Quest nationally. The company had initially based itself out of Morrow's basement. However, with its growing sales, Gregarious Games had purchased an abandoned strip mall for its national headquarters in 1990. During this time, Halliday had programmed several video games in his office, for days. The company then released hundreds of successful video games.

However, after 1998, GG had not released several video games. People suspected the company's employees to be developing some computer super-software. It was in the danger of becoming bankrupt by 2011. However, on December 9, 2012, the company re-branded itself as Gregarious Simulation Systems, and launched the OASIS, a massive virtual-reality multiplayer game. People engaged in this game for work, entertainment, selling, money-making, love, and various other reasons.

However, the OASIS was taking over reality, and as the world got worse from people's ignorance, Ogden Morrow, now a billionaire like James Halliday, left the company because the OASIS was corrupting the world, and the company.

After Halliday passed away, Wade Watts won his contest, and inherited Halliday's fortune and the leadership of his company.


James Halliday - Co-Founder, Owner and Chairman

Ogden Morrow - Co-Founder and CEO

Kira Underwood - Cover Art Employee, and COO of Art Department

Wade Watts - New Owner

Several Video Game Specialists - Employees

Morrow's geeky video gaming friends - First Employees (possible)

Chief Executives - Executive officers

Lawyers - Lawyers acting on behalf of Halliday