A Gunter Clan is a group of gunters that work together to try and find the egg. If a gunter in a gunter clan finds the egg, the proceeds are split among the people in the clan. As stated in the book, these people are bound together by a ironclad agreement.

After getting the first key, Wade is invited to join the Ovi-raptors, Clan Destiny, the Key Masters and Team Banzai. These are four of the biggest Gunter clans (in size/members or power).

When IOI sets up the force-field on Ludus the big clans join forces to assault the Sixers and reach the first key. (Ovi-raptors, Clan Destiny, Key Masters and Team Banzai and presumably among those that fight).

Known Clans

  • the Ovi-raptors
  • Clan Destiny
  • the Key Masters
  • Team Banzai
  • the High Five (unofficially)


  • The 'Ovi-raptors' clan name references a dinosaur associated with egg stealing. The name transaltes to 'egg taker' or "egg stealer' in Latin.
  • 'Banzai' is a traditional Japanese battle cry and also means a fierce attack. It is possible that this clan is Japanese.
  • 'Key Masters' is possibly a reference to the arcade game Key Master, a variation of the claw machine.