A river of words flowed between us.
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Aech is a major character in Ernest Cline's Ready Player One.

Aech is Wade's best friend. Although the two didn't meet in-person until much later, Wade claims that they've always shared a great connection. In the beginning, it is clear that Wade and Aech shared many interests — movies, musics, videos games, and the hunt for Halliday's egg.

Their shared quest for Halliday's egg brought about friendly competition. Aech and Wade would spend their time together discussing pop culture, Almanac findings, the hunt, and girls.

Before finding the Copper Key, he participated in televised PvP matches. Using the money he made from competing in these matches he began hosting a chat room called The Basement. He also attended OASIS public school, at OPS #1172.


In the real world Aech is a heavy-set African-American girl named Helen Harris. Helen uses a Caucasian Male appearance and voice for her OASIS avatar in order to be more easily respected by her peers.


Although Helen has a male avatar in the OASIS, she is an African American female in real life and identifies as a lesbian. She is smart, funny and acts like how she does when in the OASIS.

Avatar Edit

Aech's avatar is a tall, broad-shouldered Caucasian male with dark hair and brown eyes.

Real Life Edit

Outside of the OASIS, Aech is a "heavy-set, African-American girl." She has short, kinky hair and dark skin. When Aech and Parzival (Wade) meet in person, Wade notices that the Cheshire grin on her avatar's face is identical to her grin in real life. Her real name is Helen Harris and she is about 18 years old.

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