One person can keep a secret, but not two.
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I-r0k is a minor character and is the embodiment of the typical griefer.

Wade Owen Watts finds him extremely obnoxious and immature. In the beginning of Ready Player One, Wade calls him a poseur in the Basement. I-r0k frequently comments on Wade's lack of wealth, once calling him "Captain-No-Credits" and suggesting that he should be out panhandling.

After Wade and Aech find the Copper Key, I-r0k makes an attempt to blackmail them. He tells them via e-mail that he will post their information on every known gunter forum unless he's given information about the key and the First Gate. After Wade and Aech refuse to give him any information, he goes through with his threat. At first, I-r0k's plan to blackmail the two gunters seems to fizzle as he couldn't prove that he actually knew them; however, Wade and Aech believe that I-r0k's forum posts tipped off Nolan Sorrento and the Sixers to finding the first key on Ludus.

Real Life

I-r0k, whose real name is never revealed, is likely close in age to Wade and Aech. He attended the same virtual school on Ludus as Aech did.


It has been confirmed that I-r0k was portrayed by American actor, T.J. Miller.

I-R0k's role in the movie greatly differentiates from the book. He is an ally of Nolan Sorrento, who provided him with the Orb of Osuvox. He is the one who triggered it and is mostly used for comedic relief.


I-ROK’s Appearance is supposed to Resemble skeletor From He-Man And The Masters Of The Universe And his personality is supposed to be like Boba Fett’s he even says as you wish in the film.

In the Book and Film I-ROK’s Real World Name is never revealed

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