Iron Giant (Ready Player One)

The Iron Giant is a massive robotic behemoth, appearing in the 1999 film of the same name.

Design Edit

The Iron Giant is a huge humanoid behemoth, that's at least 50 feet tall. This advance machine is capable of devouring metallic items and converting it into fuel. Its eyes are capable of shooting lasers. In addition its capable of flight. It possesses another form that is armored and bristled with laser weapons, which possibly hints that it was originally a war mech of some kind. The machine has a strong amount of endurance as it was able to survive a nuclear missile at point range, with only it pieces scattered about the planet. The pieces are capable of reorganizing themselves and self-repair.

Appearance Edit

In the book of Ready Player One the Iron Giant made it's appearance as a reward for those who finished Black Tiger. But in the movie the iron giant has a major role and can be seen during the final battle along with a robot from gundam