James Donovan Halliday (1972-2039) was one of the characters in the book Ready Player One. He was the creator of OASIS, a massive online simulation used by billions of people in the dystopian future of Ready Player One. His personality was based on that of Howard Hughes and Richard Garriott. When he died, he left behind a hidden easter egg in his game, the OASIS, which would give the winner his multibillion fortune.


Creator of OASIS. Described his childhood as, "neglected," even though, compared to the day's standards, it was incredible. He draws (or drew) a lot of inspiration for all of his games from his presumably sub-standard childhood.

James was a social outcast, unable to talk to girls, and was extremely awkward and unappealing. He most likely had some sort of major undiagnosed mental disability or disorder.

Kira, who he called Leucosia, was the only female that he ever contacted casually.

Halliday took his main alternate name, Anorak, from Kira.

Halliday was completely in love with her, but everyone else was, also. He could not find the courage to ask Kira out, and Og married her, crushing his dreams. Subsequently, given that James was smitten with Ogdon Morrow's (late) wife, he chose to break contact with "Og" until his death. Their love for Kira created a division between the two men.

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