" But not me. I wasn’t going anywhere. I was stranded on Ludus, the most boring planet in the entire OASIS. "


Ludus is a planet in OASIS and the location of the Tomb of Horrors where the Copper Key can be found. It is a non-PVP zone and home to hundreds of public schools are found. Each school is identical, due to the copy and pasting of the construction code. The schools are separated by green fields, landscaped parks, rivers, meadows, and sprawling template-generated forests. While the inside of the school is designed with cathedral-like classrooms, zero-gravity gymnasiums, marble hallways, and virtual libraries containing a vast amount of school board–approved books.

The school has multiple rules and regulations. First, the school enforces that all student avatars must be human, and of the same gender and age as the student. Secondly, students were required to use their real first names followed by a number. The number is to differentiate them from other students with the same name. For instance, Wade is given the username Wade3 in Ludus, as two students already have the name "Wade". Also, the simulation denies the ability for students to fight or swear. Instead, it gives them a warning notification. Similarly, it also warns students when a class is about to start.

The classes at Ludus remain similar to real world lessons. This includes classes on Algebra, Biology, Art, World History and an optional language. Students are also able to take Advanced OASIS Studies, where they can learn about the history of the OASIS. One defining factor of Ludus is the OASIS involvement and how users are able to go on virtual field trips each lesson. For example, Students are able to travel through a human heart or witness the discovery of King Tut's tomb.

After it became public knowledge that Ludus was home to the Copper Key, the schools were relocated to Ludus II. While, Ludus remained as a battleground for Gunters.

Students and TeachersEdit

OASIS Public School #1873Edit



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  • In ancient Roman culture, the Latin word ludus (plural ludi) has several meanings within the semantic field of "play, game, sport, training".

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