" I spent most of my time in Advanced OASIS Studies class annoying our teacher, Mr. Ciders, by pointing out errors in our textbook and raising my hand to interject some relevant bit of Halliday trivia that I (and I alone) thought was interesting. "


Mr. Ciders (real name unknown) is a teacher of Advanced OASIS Studies, a senior-year elective subject on Ludus. He was Wade3's teacher at OASIS Public School #1873. However, he found his excitement of the subject, and his tendency to point out errors in the textbook, to be irritating. He avoids having to call on him in lessons.


During one of his lessons, Mr. Ciders read excerpts from a best-selling Halliday's biography: The Egg Man. Wade3 listens intently and resists the urge to point out important parts of the novel, Mr Ciders left out.

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