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Nolan Sorrento is a high-ranking official of Innovative Online Industries (IOI), the multinational corporation that serves as an Internet service provider for most of the world and hopes to take over and monetize the OASIS. Sorrento is head of IOI's Oology (the science of searching for Halliday's Easter egg) Division, and serves as the primary antagonist of the novel; his employee number ID is IOI-655321. He is described as having blonde hair and a hawkish nose. He orders the death of Daito and is tried for it at the end of the book. Sorrento also tried to kill Wade by detonating a bomb under his aunt's trailer in the stacks, killing everyone in that stack- including Mrs. Gilmore, an elderly woman who was one of Wade's only friends. Though he works for IOI, it is revealed that Sorrento took the job only for the opportunity to destroy the entire OASIS (as revealed in Lacero) to "avenge" his sister and force people to face the world they've been neglecting.

At the end of the book, Sorrento and his employees are arrested by federal officers for killing Daito and trying to kill Wade. In the film it has been recently revealed that Sorrento was arrested, as in the book.


The prison identification number of the character Alex from author Anthony Burgess' novel A Clockwork Orange is also the same as Nolan Sorrento's Innovative Online Industries' employee identification number IOI-655321.

IOI 655321
Nolan is also the first name of American engineer and entrepreneur Nolan Kay Bushnell who created the video game Pong and later founded Atari, Inc. in 1972 and also the Chuck E. Cheese's Pizza-Time Theaters and chain in 1977. According to "Ready Player One" author Ernest Cline, "Not that I think Nolan [Bushnell] is a bad guy, or anything. It’s meant as a subtle tribute!"

According to Cline in an interview, author Andy Weir of The Martian had emailed him and told him to come over after he had written some Ready Player One fan fiction, wherein he had written an origin story for the villain Sorrento in Ready Player One.