Back To The Future: The Film’s Opening Credits is in a Similar Font used in the Credits of Back To The Future.

an Avatar Wearing Doc. Brown’s Futuristic Outfit can be seen walking behind Wade when he Finishes Contacting Aech.

Wade’s Transport Of Choice for The Copper Key Race is the DMC-12 DeLorean from the Film.

When Exiting Aech’s Workshop Artemis calls Wade Mcfly Referencing Marty Mcfly.

At Avatar Outfitters (OASIS Mall) Wade Purchases a Zemeckis Cube a Rubik’s Cube Referencing Back To The Future‘s Director Robert Zemeckis.

The Pink Hoverboard from Back To The Future:Part II can be seen leaning against the Wall in Aech’s Apartment.

When IOI Attack The Distracted Globe Wade uses the Zemeckis Cube to Turn Back Time 60s while it Plays Alan Silvestri’s Score for Something‘s Changed.

A Something’s Changed Jingle can be heard when Wade enters Halliday’s Childhood Bedroom.

Batman (1989)

when Wade Explains The possibilites Of the OASIS he Shows us Batman Climbing Mount Everest the Variant Of Batman is the Micheal Keaton Variant from the Film.

When The Curator Projects VHS Tapes that Halliday Could of Gone to see with Kira one of them up in the air is Batman (1989).

Sonic The Hedgehog: when Wade Logs into the OASIS Avatars can be seen waiting in lines for Portals one of the Avatars is Sonic The Hedgehog Tapping his foot Impatiently.

Sonic The Hedgehog can be seen Zooming Across The Battlefield then doing a Spin Dash Attack on a Sixer.

Tails Miles Prower From Sonic The Hedgehog 2 along with Sonic can be seen attacking Sixers when Artemis Runs around the Battlefield.

The Muppet Show

A Kermit The Frog Plush can be seen sitting on a Box in Aech’s Apartment.

Space Invaders

in a Couple Of Scenes throughout the Film James Halliday can be seen wearing a Space Invaders Shirt.

White Invader Decals From Space Invaders can be seen on the wall in Aech’s apartment.

Child Halliday can also be seen wearing a Space Invaders Shirt.

Santa Cruz

The Screaming Hand can be seen as a Decal on Wade’s Shirt while giving his Speech to the OASIS.

Pizza Hut

when Wade is climbing down the Stacks he passes a Neighbour receiving a Pizza Hut Delivery.

The Police:at The Start of the Film Mrs. Gilmore can be seen wearing a Synchronocity Shirt.

Garbage Pale Kids:A Bony Tony Card can be seen on the wall in Wade’s Van.

Garfield:Stickers from The Jim Davis Comic Strips can be seen on the wall in Wade’s Van.