Second Gate
Tyrell Building
Image from the Blade Runner Movie of the Tyrell Building, where the Second Gate is located
Location Information
Name Second Gate
Planet Various (any planet with a copy of the Tyrell Building)
" For one quarter, Black Tiger lets me escape from my rotten existence for three glorious hours. Pretty good deal. "


The Second Gate is the second of three gates which must be cleared to win Halliday's Easter Egg Hunt. Once inside, the player must complete a digital recreation of the video game Black Tiger, taking the place of the game's protagonist. Completing the game yields the player both a voice-activated robot and the riddle for the Crystal Key.

Ready Player One

An OASIS avatar can only enter the Second Gate if they have acquired a copy of the Jade Key and, inherently, a copy of the Copper Key. They must find a Voight-Kampff machine (located in any recreation of the Tyrell Building), insert the Jade Key into a keyhole located on the machine, and enter the portal that appears.

The Second Gate is located on many different planets; the Second Gate can be accessed through any Voight-Kampff. The Tyrell Building, the place in which the machine is located, is a free building template offered as a part of the OASIS WorldBuilder software. Thus, any world that contains the Tyrell Building will be home to the Second Gate.


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