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Third Gate
Location Information
Name Third Gate
Planet Chthonia



The Third Gate is the last of three gates which must be cleared to win Halliday's Easter Egg Hunt. Once inside, the player must surpass a score of 728,329 points in the video game Tempest, and complete a Flicksync of the movie Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Completing both challenges places an avatar at The End, wherein they will find the Easter Egg.

Ready Player One

An OASIS avatar can only enter the Third Gate if they have acquired a copy of the Crystal Key and, inherently, a copy of the Jade Key and Copper Key. Additionally, there must be two other avatars present who have fulfilled the same conditions present at the gate. All three keys must be inserted into three keyholes, and one of the avatars must recite the phrase "Faith. Hope. Charity." in order to open the gate.

The Third Gate is located within Castle Anorak on the planet Chthonia; a barrier around the castle prevents entry into its interior by anyone other than a wielder of the Crystal Key, or Anorak.



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