Alice was the young aunt of Wade. Alice was known to verbally abuse her nephew, alongside her current boyfriend Rick. As Alice was shown to often yell at Wade and sell his possessions. Although often resentful of his aunt's behavior, Wade still sees Alice as a close relative of his and did not think she deserved to die when she and Rick died in a bombing.

In the movie, Alice wasn't abusive and seem much closer to Wade, but is often always annoyed with him getting into fights Rick and borrowing her stuff without asking permission.


Helen Harris/Aech



Love Interests

Samantha Cook/Art3mis

She made me laugh. She made me think. She changed the way I saw the world. I'd never had such a powerful, immediate connection with another human being before.
— Wade describing Art3mis
Samantha Cook, (also known as Art3mis), first meets Parzival when both are searching for the hidden easter egg in The OASIS. Even when she rejects him, Wade continues to persist in his attempts to start a relationship with her. Eventually, after the hunt is over the two reconcile and Art3mis admits her feelings for Wade. In the film, after Wade wins the hunt, he and Samantha (Art3mis) move in together and begin a romantic relationship.


Nolan Sorrento

Nolan Sorrento was one of the executives of IOI and the leader of the Sixers. Despite the fact that he and Wade never met in person, Wade hates Sorrento as much as the Sixers, especially after Nolan tried to blackmail and then murder him. This hatred has strengthened when Sorrento successfully murdered Wade's friend Daito. Wade didn't seem sympathetic when Sorrento was arrested and was discouraged that Sorrento could afford the more powerful lawyers.


As stated in the early chapters, Wade is clearly disgusted by the Sixers' existence. He frequently mocks them and insults their members.



Mrs. Gilmore

Mrs. Gilmore was a kind old lady who showed concern on Wade's behalf. Wade thought of her as a grandmotherly figure, and felt grief for her when she died in a bombing.